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A Bumper Crop of Supercuts

Here’s a way to ease into your Tuesday morning: Three enjoyable, time-killing film montages that made the rounds of the Internet yesterday.

Did you know “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” wasn’t in the script for The Godfather? Learn this and other fun facts in this supercut of the 25 greatest unscripted scenes in film—ranked “according to cultural impact and improvisational skills.” (Meanwhile, you can also learn why mafia hit men always drop their guns at the scene of the crime, courtesy of Slate’s Explainer.)

[By Mewlists, via The Daily What]

And seriously, why do we still let kids watch Dumbo? It’s terrifying.

[via Flavorwire]

Finally, another montage by prolific supercutter Mewlists: The all-time trippiest drug moments on film. The YouTube page for this video promises a full list of sources soon, but how many can you identify offhand? There’s at least one that we know for sure will please Slate readers.