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Nutella Recipes from Slate Readers

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On August 3rd, Nadia Arumugam published an essay in Slate about a consumer lawsuit against Ferrero, the company behind the chocolate-and-hazelnut spread Nutella. Ferrero, the lawsuit alleges, misleads parents by marketing Nutella as “part of a balanced breakfast.” For various reasons laid out in the original piece, Arumugam concludes that the lawsuit is bunk.

Our readers needed no convincing. Many came passionately to Ferrero’s defense. Some went so far as to share their favorite Nutella “recipes” (I use that word loosely). As the food editor of Slate, I found these rather charming, and informative, and have reprinted ever-so-slightly copy-edited versions of my favorites below:

Nutella breakfast burrito: Warm a flour tortilla, spread on the Nutella, add sliced banana, roll up and watch out for drips while eating. [From commenter bob almond]

Nutella breakfast sandwich: Slice open croissant as you would for a sandwich, spread Nutella on the bottom slice, place sliced strawberries on top of that half, spread more Nutella on top half of croissant. Sandwich together and either heat in toaster oven or panini maker/counter top grill. Obviously adding the croissant means this isn’t meant to be a healthy breakfast but it is so good as a brunch treat. [From Cgirl]

Nutella breakfast cereal: Put rice krispies and nutella in the microwave together for 30 seconds. Eat, enjoy, and love life [From madmandan]

And here are a couple of Nutella-inspired recipes.

Chocolate sandwich and salmon: Put melted 100% baking chocolate from Giradelli with almond butter on whole wheat stone ground bread with organic strawberries on the side. For protein, a 6 oz can of wild salmon topped with flax seed and pomegranate seeds and lemon juice. [From Jack. Relatedly, commenter icemilkcoffee suggests substituting 80% chocolate with unsweetened peanut butter for the 100% baking chocolate]

Chocolate shake: Hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and dates. Purée. Add some lemon zest. [From Leila]

Alternative hazelnut spread. Hazelnuts, cocoa powder or melted unsweetened chocolate, and Splenda, whipped together in a food processor. [From Mags]