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Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Othello Comforter Set” and Other Useful Household Wares

Public-service announcement! If you have not yet purchased your at Bed Bath & Beyond ” Othello Comforter Set “—light blue and taupe and including an 18-inch “toss pillow,” perfect for smothering your beloved—you’ll want to do so this weekend, before the lights go out on BB&B’s special offer. But why stop your redecorating there? This afternoon, Brow Beat combed through the houseware superstore’s complete catalog and came up with a list of other fine home goods in a similar vein—perfect for weddings, baby showers, or just those spring days when you need some fresh excitement in your life.


Romeo and Juliet Signature Cutlery: O happy hand-polished stainless-steel steak knife with walnut handle and matching travel case!

Titus Andronicus Bakeware: Any pie is a delicious pie when made in this collection of nonstick pans. Order now and get a free recipe book for quiches.


Anna Karenina Gardening Kneepad: For when it’s time to kneel down and lean forward. (Also great for yoga!)

Norman Bates Shave and Shower Set: Now with extra blades!

Basic Instinct Cocktail Collection: Twin lowball glasses and an ice pick—and the promise of a fun night with that special someone.

Gene Tierney Summer Fun TM Sunglasses: Our patented rear-lens polarization is great for an afternoon on the water; our stylish frames will keep you looking glamorous whatever you do.

Hannibal Lecter Select Ceramic-Lined Crock Pot: Just chop it up and toss it in.

Midnight Cowboy Sheepskin Auto Seat Cover: So comfortable you’ll never get up again! Perfect for plane travel and long bus rides.

Chinatown Edition® Family-Style Love Seat With Fold-Out Bed: It’s a couch! It’s a bed! It’s a couch and a bed!

Rabbit, Run TM No-Tears Baby Shampoo: No tears, just silence.

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