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You’re Being Too Hard on Tami

Connie Britton as Tami Taylor, Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen. Click image to expand.
Connie Britton as Tami Taylor and Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen

Hey, you’re being hard on Tami. She talks for 30 seconds about how college admissions overrely on standardized testing, and you accuse her of throwing out the tests altogether and of having no plan to replace them other than repopulating Graemore with hundreds of Epycks. Come on—she’ll introduce a dose of skepticism about inflexible cut-off points, encourage her admissions officers to be more broad-minded about the kinds of kids the school should educate, and with luck produce a student body that’s rougher around the edges but also more creative and self-made than the old one. I say, go Tami. It’s going to make me mad when the show makes her give up this opportunity. I’m not bothered by that summary firing either. That guy looked like he was due for a house cleaning.

I’m with David about the virtue of Tim’s intercession for Becky. If she was a girl with a family who was looking out for her, maybe making a little cash waiting tables at a strip club could be a small adventure, easily forgotten. But she’s not. She could easily go from waitress to stripper. I know Mindy and her friends have the quintessential hearts of gold but I am not eager for Becky to join them the day after graduation. She’s not worldly or tough and I don’t see why we should want her to grow a thicker skin so she can embrace her Landing Strip future. Maybe the farm isn’t the right place for her, but are these really the only two choices?

David, in response to your invitation for predictions—I second yours, except I think Tim’s arc will not end on a total down point, because the writers love his character almost as much as we girls do, and they’ll want at least to give him a chance. I predict that we’ll leave him on the wobbly first step of a happier path. No guarantees, but not on his way back to prison. I also don’t think Vince will get a college scholarship this year. Another couple of questions for the finale:

Will Julie and Matt end the show together or apart? Julie will be back in Burleson. But will she have to stay there?

How will we say goodbye to Buddy?

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