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Watch Tacky Lifetime Movies on Hulu

I had intended to DVR the made-for-TV movie

The Craigslist Killer

—about Philip Markoff, the former med student who allegedly murdered a woman he met through the list—but I forgot about it until the final, gloriously awful 30 minutes. I watched long enough to catch Billy Baldwin’s embarrassing Boston accent (he plays a detective busting Markoff), but I missed most of the good bits. Searching for the film online today was fruitless, but I did find this cache of equally appalling

Lifetime Movies on Hulu.

It’s unclear when

The Craigslist Killer

is going to be added, as only one movie is put up on Hulu each week. However,


is airing again on Saturday at 9. In the meantime I will have to console myself with the hilarious, though unfortunately sporadically updated,

Lifetime, Wow!

blog, which recaps the network’s original films. Clip of Billy Baldwin discussing his meaty role embedded below.