Procrastinate Better

Two Podcasts for Lovers of Movies and Comedy

I was stranded in a distant locale last week when my flight back to New York was canceled because of that massive blizzard . The good news about that is I discovered two excellent podcasts in which comedians discuss movies, and they helped bide the time away from home. The first one is already beloved by many. It’s hosted by stand up Doug Benson, and it’s called Doug Loves Movies . Every podcast of DLM includes a few, sometimes very famous, guests—past co-stars include Jon Hamm, Ellen Page, and Michael Cera—in a freewheeling discussion about film. At the end of each recording, the guests play something called the Leonard Maltin game. Benson reads a snippet from one of film critic Maltin’s reviews, and the guests have to guess what movie it is. This is a surprisingly entertaining diversion when you are a total nerd.

The second podcast is brand new (there’s only one full episode so far) and it’s called How Did This Get Made ? On HDTGM, Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas, who are on the FX fantasy football comedy The League , along with actress June Diane Raphael, talk about movies so terrible that it’s a shock they made it to the screen. The first episode covers Burlesque , and I can’t wait to hear what disaster they gab about next.