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Vintage Gene Shalit, In Honor of His “Today Show” Departure

Gene Shalit, the famously mustachioed morning TV movie reviewer, is leaving the Today Show after 37 years. Why is the 85-year-old heading off for greener pastures? “It’s enough already,” Shalit says. The Today Show will air a Shalit retrospective on Thursday, and I went searching for some entertaining vintage Shalit to post in honor of his departure. What I found was a clip that probably won’t make that retrospective. It’s pretty dark!

In the video below, Shalit is interviewing John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd circa 1981. They are there to promote the release of their Best of the Blues Brothers album and their new movie Neighbors . Belushi’s attitude is one of bemused disdain. He tells Shalit, “Your hair looks like the ant farm on fire,” and when Shalit asks him what he’d like to eat for his last meal, he says, “a cottage cheese and pineapple plate.” The interview turns even more prophetically morbid after that. Shalit asks the pair what they’d like to be doing in ten years. Belushi says jokingly, ” Fiddler on the Roof .” To which Aykroyd replies, “Directing him in Fiddler , if we’re still alive.”