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Best Rockin’ Performances on YouTube by White Dudes

From time to time, a Slate staffer or critic offers up a favorite cultural pick for Procrastinate Better readers. Today’s endorsement is from Slate senior editor Michael Agger.

Oh Internet, youkeep turning up fresh, distracting wonders. There’s On the Road rewritten for bros : “With the coming of Dean Moriarty began the part of my life you could call my life on the bro’d. Before that I’d oftendreamed of going West to see hot LA actress chicks and try In N’ Out burgers,always vaguely planning and never taking off.” There’s the Twitterfeed of artist Jenny Holzer :”Being judgmental is a sign of life.” And yet more ridiculous bike parkour from Danny Macaskill.

But lately I’vebeen spending my procrastination time in pursuit of a small quest: what is the BestLive Performance by White Dudes I can find on YouTube? Below is the list I’vebeen playing with, biased away from overly obvious choices such as BruceSpringsteen’s 1978 ” “Born to Run”and also toward my lame, raised-on-Jethro-Tull taste. Maybe you can do better.In fact, I know you can do better.

5. Quo Vadis ,”Mute Requiem:” Found this on a guitar forum—it’s the first and onlydeath metal song I’ve ever listened to. It sounds like a bad hailstorm .Yet also somehow awesome.

4. New Order ,”Temptation,” 1984: How is that for a U-turn? Not really”rock” per se, but I love the clinical craftsmanship on display toproduce such a dreamy song. (Warning: white shorts.)

3. Talking Heads ,”Psycho Killer,” live in Rome, 1980: One of the all-time greatcurtain-raising songs, despite having French lyrics. Also check out the more intimate CBGBs version .

2. Rush ,”Subdivisions,” 1990: Conform or be cast out! The best anthem everinspired by a shopping mall. I like it better than ” Tom Sawyer

1. AC/DC ,”Hells Bells,” live in Rio, 1985: I won’t sully this masterpiece ofrock with words.

Please put yourbest suggestions in the comments below. I’m prepared to lose a few afternoons.