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What Do You Think of The Gap’s New Logo?

The Gap debuted a new logo yesterday, and the reception has been pretty abysmal. The branding blog Brand New calls the look “pedestrian.” In the new iteration, the word Gap is in Helvetica and the blue box that used to surround the lettering is lighter and relegated to the upper right hand corner. “In this particular case, it makes Old Navy, Gap’s low-end retail sister, look like a luxury brand by comparison,” sniffs Brand New blogger Armin. In response to the new logo, BuzzFeed offers a more concise “yikes.”  

It’s difficult to say what the Gap hopes to attempt with this branding shift. Their old logo perfectly evoked their brand: They offer classic sportswear at an attainable cost, and the logo was slightly vintage yet iconic. While I don’t hate the new logo anywhere near as much as other Internet commenters appear to, the image—especially the shaded square—looks low rent, like it’s the logo for a chain eatery. Perhaps, after its 40th anniversary last year, the company just felt like it was time for a fresh look. Thoughts?