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How to Get that ABBA Song Out of Your Skull

We’ve all been there: You see a commercial for someout-of-the way production of Mamma Mia! and for the next week coworkers can hear you humming the ABBA tune under your breath while they’retrying to concentrate on their Farmville goat sales.   Now there is a solution toyour Waterloo : A sitecalled Unhear It , which plays a new, catchysong on command so that the current catchy song will be dislodged from yourbrain. Selections range from Justin Timberlake’s ” SexyBack ” to Bobby McFerrin’s ” Don’tWorry, Be Happy .” Of course, there is the large chance that the replacementsong will be even more annoying than the original curse—but you can refreshUnhear It until you find something that’s only moderately irksome.