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Elmo Is So Hot Right Now

Sesame Street

is blowing up all over YouTube of late. First there was last week’s controversial

Katy Perry clip

in which the pop star did a

version of her song “Hot ‘N Cold” along with the Muppet Elmo

: It was controversial not because of the sweetly altered lyrics, but because lots of adults thought she was

bearing entirely too much cleavage

for a tow-headed audience. Perry’s cleave kerfuffle was

then sent-up on SNL over the weekend

. At the same time, a

Sesame Street

parody of the vampire show

True Blood


True Mud

hit the Internet, causing nearly as

much viral delight

. If you check out

Sesame Street ‘s YouTube

channel, you’ll find other adult-friendly fare, like

Jason Bateman explaining what the word “comfort” means

along with Elmo and a talking penguin. Clip of

True Mud

is embedded below.