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To Do This Weekend: When Critters Attack

The early reviews for the summer horror flick Piranha 3D , which opens today, have been unexpectedly effusive . The AP ‘s Christy Lemire is joyful : “This movie is a complete blast. To borrow a phrase from the kind of B-horror flicks to which Piranha 3D is such a loving and effective homage: Run, don’t walk.” As a devoted Adam Scott fan—he plays a scientific expert in the mode of Richard Dreyfuss from Jaws (who also has a cameo in Piranha )—I have reasonably high hopes for this bit of August fluff. However, if you’re turned off by the notion of killer fish (or are not swayed by the considerable charms of Adam Scott), you might enjoy the following critter-attack movies as an alternative. Feel free to list your favorite animals-gone-mad films in the comments below.

Slither : In this campy horror/comedy hybrid starring Elizabeth Banks, giant mutant slug-things invade the bodies of the denizens of a small Southern town.