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Local Color

Want to steer clear of Vancouver’s version of Times Square or Berlin’s Faneuil Hall equivalent on your vacation this summer? Locals and Tourists , a Flickr set composed of maps of various cities, each linking to photos taken there, works as a visual aid for where to go—or where to avoid. Photos are geotagged (their placement on the map corresponds with their real world location), but also color-coded so that those snapped by residents of the city show up as blue dots. Red means tourist, and yellow means that the provenance of the photo is murky. On most of the maps, there’s a bloodlike clot around the major attractions, with blue arteries spidering outward. The occasional city, like Milwaukee or Toronto or Helsinki, has more blue than red. The Las Vegas strip gleams red, Venice registers as virtually resident-free, and London and   Zurich have large photogenic districts that tourists haven’t cottoned onto. And, of course, New York ’s Times Square glows a solid scarlet.

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