TV Club

Week 8: The Most Preposterous Character in FNL History

That was a definite no-kiss between Jess and Landry. Again speaking as a former Landry, I recognize a cheek-flanking maneuver when I see one. Speaking of which, Emily, you haven’t yet lost your bet with Matt Labash. That smooch between Tim and Becky was also a no-kiss, aborted well before it was allowed to become imbued with Meaning. I’m sure Riggins doesn’t even bother to count it ‘till a girl’s shirt is off.

Hanna, I am glad you mentioned Vince’s mom. She apparently grew up in a leafy Connecticut suburb, majored in English at Bryn Mawr, then moved to Dillon and became a crackhead. She may be the most preposterous of FNL’s creations, a one-woman demographic pile-up.

The El Fuego radio broadcast is another example of how brilliantly FNL weaves media into the show. Think of how often a local newspaper story shapes the plot (Vince’s conference player of the week award), how often the local TV news plays a role, or, of course, how the local sports-talk radio infuriates Eric and Tami. For all that we hear about the decline of journalism, small-town media can still hold astonishing sway, serving as the universal water cooler. Urban media can’t do that anymore.