Procrastinate Better

Never Be Bored Again

A bold claim,but: Welcome to Procrastinate Better, a new Slate blog (and soon, newsletter ), about howto spend your leisure time. Every weekday, we’ll bring you something new to read,watch, play, or listen to. The recommendations will be Slate -tested and approved: They’ll be the books, songs, videos, Web sites, recipes, apps, andmore that Slate staffers enjoy in their own free time. Ever wondered whatDana Stevens has in her personal Netflix queue? What music John Dickerson listensto after a long day of political reporting? What e-book Farhad Manjoo can’t putdown? Check back here each day, and all will be revealed. The constant flow ofcultural objects and happenings can be exhilarating but also overwhelming;think of Procrastinate Better as a tool for narrowing down your off-hours’ to-dolist, with a guaranteed high rate of enjoyment.

And we want yoursuggestions for quality time-wasting, too. Have you been reading a wonderfulbook or that’s been overlooked by reviewers? Have you found a life-changingapp? Discovered the next ” DavidAfter Dentist “? Drop a line to and fill us in. We’ll feature contributions from readers in upcoming posts.

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