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Week 2: It’s Time for Saracen To Get the Hell Out of Dillon

Our readers (thanks Dolphin, Liz) make some good points about how Tami had to turn in Luke or she might lose her job. Reader Tizzielish, echoing Keith Phipps over at the AV Club, raises another good question about the redistricting: How is it that Julie gets to choose to go to East Dillon while everyone else has to strictly follow the new boundary rules? 

But unless our commenters protest, let’s call a truce on the bureaucratic analysis. Let’s just all agree that it’s clearly much better for the drama if all the people we love are grouped together in East Dillon. As Meghan pointed out, we have spent three seasons rooting for the Panthers. But now the show has to take on the monumental task of transferring our loyalties, and it needs all the help it can get. This means Julie, Landry, Luke, and Vince all have to pitch in, while J.D. has to be as evil as possible. And yes, it means fine Principal Taylor has to be booed—the surest way to have us, overnight, turn against the whole West Dillon student body.

One last note, on Sherman. My favorite line, Emily, was another thing Saracen told him: “Yeah, I wear shoes”—a moment of wryness which allowed Matt to regain some control over the situation. But yes, Meghan, unless they are going to do something truly interesting with that subplot I beg them to have mercy on Saracen and just let him get him the hell out of Dillon. I can bear the show pushing around Riggins—he is, after all, just a walking pinup at this point. But I want better for Matty.

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