Who Will Take Home an Oscar?

Help Slate predict the winners. Plus: The second round of votes have been counted!

Update, Feb. 12: If you’ve already voted, click here to see which actors and movies are in the lead.

The 2010 Oscar nominations were unveiled Feb. 2, launching a month of frenzied forecasting about who will take home a gold statue. Can Avatar’s stunning visuals compensate for its clunky screenplay? Meryl Streep has received 11 nominations since she last won, in 1983—is she due for a victory?

Slate wants to know who you think will win in the major Academy Award categories. Choose your winners from the dropdown menus below. Beginning later this week, we’ll post rankings based on the intuitions of Slate readers and update them daily as more responses come in. Once the awards are announced, we’ll comb through the responses and publish a list of the readers who were the best Oscar prognosticators .

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