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Fifty-Five Days Until Glee Returns

The second half of Glee ‘s first season kicks off April 13, but on Wednesday, the show released a brand-new trailer through its official Twitter account . It is filled with tantalizingly brief glimpses of how things have (for the most part not) changed at McKinley High School since the glee club won sectionals.

Judging from the one-minute trailer, the choir geeks are still pariahs among the cool kids, mean cheerleader coach Sue Silvester and glee coach Will Schuester still hate each other’s guts, and something might finally happen between hot quarterback Finn and nerdy diva Rachel. So what’s new?


The good

Sue Silvester is back in full force, berating her (stilts-wearing) Cheerios and sporting a Madonna-esque cone-shaped bra.

Brittany, who says of Rachel, “Those sweaters make her look home-schooled,” holds on to the crown of Most Quotable Cheerio. (Not as good as her “Sex is not dating. If it was, Santana and I would be dating” comment, but close.)

The bad

Where is Puck? That momentary glimpse of him cheering on a break-dancing session was definitely not enough. He deserves more than that, and we deserve more of him serenading and/or shirtless .

The Glee kids cover the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye,” and the few notes we heard do not impress. If, as show creator Ryan Murphy has promised , Glee returns with more singing than ever, let’s hope the quality improves. Even a single bar from one of the songs from the Madonna episode would have been better blasted by one of the gleeks, rather than from the Cheerios’ speakers at practice.

The maybe

The trailer shows a nanosecond of “Mr. Schue” and Emma singing together in a bedroom and a few glimpses of quarterback-turned-basketball-star Finn dancing his way through McKinley’s hallways. Fox, you are a terrible tease.

It’s to Glee ‘s credit that characters don’t just burst into song. They are either performing or in a half-rehearsing-half-fantasy state, as when Mercedes danced in a car wash to the tune of “Bust Your Windows” or wheelchair-user Artie sang his heart out to “Dancing With Myself” while rolling around Tina, his crush. Let’s hope the show doesn’t stray too far from that route. The Cheerios are featured heavily in Finn’s sequence, which is a good sign, considering their part in Mercedes’ and Quinn’s fantasy numbers, but who will save Emma and Mr. Schue?

So many burning questions, so much time to wait for the answers. Readers, have I missed anything? Please offer your own interpretation of the trailer in the comments below.