TV Club

Week 6: The “Matt Slept With Julie To Get Back at Coach” Theory—a Rebuttal

Allow me a brief rebuttal to my beloved wife’s post about Matt and Julie’s trip to the lake. Hanna wrote of me: “His view is that Matt slept with Julie to get back at Coach.”

Uh, no. A few nights ago when we were discussing the episode, I said, in the spirit of marital helpfulness: “Hey, Hanna, don’t you think that one possible interpretation of that scene is that subconsciously, Matt sleeps with Julie in order to take the thing most precious to Coach Taylor, his daughter’s virginity, because Coach Taylor has taken a thing precious to him, the job as QB1?”

Note: I did not say that that was what I believed, because I don’t believe it. I happen to think the lake tryst was lovely. It didn’t set any of my paternal protectiveness neurons ablaze. That revenge scenario was merely speculative and playful. I thought Hanna might throw it out there to enliven the dialogue. Instead, she exploited it to slander me, her innocent husband.

And while I’m fixating on that paragraph, Hanna, please tell me you were kidding when you wrote: “I would rather raise a kid like Riggins than one like J.D.”