TV Club

Week 6: Sad, Lonely Tim Riggins

But, Hanna, you’re defending Riggins’ leading of J.D. down the drinking path by talking about Matt and Julie sleeping together. With the emphasis on together, because it all looked completely mutual to me. (If David really thinks otherwise, then I hear you about your upcoming battles; maybe my husband didn’t have that crazy dad moment because we don’t have girls.) But my main point is that sex and drugs are different. For teenagers as well as for adults. I mean, I love Riggins, and I’d pick him over J.D., too. But then I’d work on his six-pack habit, which looks like a symptom of loneliness and depression most of the time. Whereas Matt and Julie—that looks like a good thing in need only of the intervention of a condom.

One more point: Last week, I wrote about a reader’s frustration with the show’s lack of Hispanic characters. Reader Sean Mabey points out another lapse: “During the first season, Smash’s friends were exclusively black and he was at odds (to put it nicely) with Riggins. Fast forward two years, and you don’t see Smash in the company of another black guy for the entire third season and who’s in the car with him on the way to A&M? Riggins.” Hmm.