TV Club

Week 10: Saying Goodbye to My 13 Favorite Wire Scenes

Dear Jeff,

For my final entry in this dialogue, I don’t have anything left to say about last night’s episode. So instead let me get misty-eyed for a minute and say goodbye by remembering my all-time favorite Wire scenes. I was going to list 10, but I couldn’t restrain myself. The only reason I’m stopping at 13 is that I have a meeting:

1) Omar testifying in Season 2, and making a fool of Maury Levy. “I got the shotgun; you got the briefcase.”

2) Bunny Colvin taking Namond and the other kids out to a fancy restaurant, in Season 4.

3) Cutty telling Avon he wants out: “The game ain’t in me no more. None of it.”

4) Kima’s ghetto version of Goodnight Moon at the end of Episode 7 a few weeks ago.

5)      Omar and crew’s fabulous heist near the end of Season 4, followed by Omar’s selling the drugs back to Prop Joe.

6)  Bodie and Jimmy’s meet in the garden at the end of Season 4, just before Bodie’s murder, when Bodie gives his “This game is rigged” speech. Bodie says, “I feel like the little bitches on the chessboard,” and Jimmy murmurs, “Pawns.”

7)  Snoop buying the nail gun in the opening scene of Season 4.

8)  Stringer Bell’s funeral-home meetings in Season 3, particularly his efforts to enforce Robert’s Rules of Order. “Do the chair know we gonna look like some punk-ass bitches out there?”

9) Bunny persuading Wee-Bey to let him adopt Namond at the end of Season 4.

10) All of Hamsterdam.

11) Stringer and Avon looking over the Baltimore skyline, reminiscing about their good old days, each knowing that he just had betrayed the other.

12) Carver sitting in his car, punching his steering wheel, after dropping Randy at the group home.

13) Bunk and Jimmy solving a murder with just the word fuck.

Jeff, it’s been a joy and a revelation to talk about my favorite TV show with you. Let’s meet again in 2017, when David Simon and Dominic West, fallen on hard times, team up to make All Wired Up: The Wire’s Hawaiian Holiday Special!


P.S. I’m going to see a Pogues concert tonight. God, I hope they play Body of an American in tribute to The Wire.