TV Club

Week 4: Copy Desks: Indispensable in Real Life, Not Thrilling on TV

Yes, thank God for Wire watchers. They’ve called us out a couple of times.

So far, only two reporters who’ve been chastised for profanity? Sort of proves our point. Maybe we should get this up on Romenesko and see what comes in over the transom there.

On Herc, you’re forgetting that Marlo got him fired, by stealing the surveillance camera. I’m not suggesting that Herc would be motivated by selfless idealism to trap Marlo; revenge is enough to get him going. Speaking of The Untouchables, did you notice the obvious nod in Capone’s direction during the final meeting between Chief Burrell and Cedric Daniels? The chief picked up his golf club and started smacking his palm with it, just to the east of Daniels’ head. I don’t mind this at all, nor do I mind the obvious Godfather echo in the killing of Prop Joe. What I mind is the Schoolhouse Rock homage every time we visit the Sun newsroom. Copy desks are indispensable in real life, but they are not exactly thrilling on HBO. I have a premonition that this is only going to get worse as the season goes on.

So, have you ever been dissed by the Washington Post?