Five-ring Circus

The 2006 Olympics

A roundup of Slate’s coverage of the Winter Games.

Still Watching the Winter Olympics: Arrivederci, Torino,” by Troy Patterson and Seth Stevenson. Posted Feb. 24, 2006.

How To Save Olympic Skiing: Bring on the skimeister!” by James Jung. Posted Feb. 24, 2006.

Fast, Burnt Orange, and Out of Control: Why I love Texas skiers,” by Alex Heard. Posted Feb. 23, 2006.

Sexy Gypsies on Ice: Russian dynamos and American flirts fight for Olympic gold,” by Meghan O’Rourke. Posted Feb. 22, 2006.

Olympic Ice Gurus: They’re not just glorified Zamboni drivers,” by Jill Hunter Pellettieri. Posted Feb. 22, 2006.

The Perfect Winter Olympic Sport: Ski jumping is beautiful, breathtaking, and utterly deficient,” by Whet Moser. Posted Feb. 21, 2006.

They All Fall Down: Figure skating, the world’s least-graceful sport,” by Daniel Engber. Posted Feb. 20, 2006.

The Thrill of the Spill: My new preoccupation with ice dancing,” by Jill Hunter Pellettieri. Posted Feb. 20, 2006.

Turin Sample: The nonsense of Olympic doping rules,” by William Saletan. Posted Feb. 18, 2006.

How To Watch the Winter Olympics: It’s all over but the shredding,” by Dana Stevens, Seth Stevenson, Julia Turner, and Troy Patterson. Posted Feb. 17, 2006.

Olympic Video Games: Why are they so crappy?” by Neal Pollack. Posted Feb. 17, 2006.

Why Do Athletes Bite Their Medals?: Can you put tooth marks in your gold?” by Daniel Engber. Posted Feb. 16, 2006.

Hail the Conquering Goofballs!: America’s endearing Olympic misfits,” by Charles P. Pierce. Posted Feb. 16, 2006.

White Snow, Brown Rage: The racial case against the Winter Olympics,” by Reihan Salam. Posted Feb. 15, 2006.

Kwan Dive: America’s top figure skater fails again,” by Will Leitch. Posted Feb. 13, 2006.

If Al-Qaida Had a Curling Team …: Why America stopped caring about international sports competitions,” by Jason Moring. Posted Feb. 10, 2006.

Wrongheaded: The return of the awful Olympic beret,” by Julia Turner. Posted Feb. 10, 2006.

The Best American Olympic Team Ever?: Yeah, right,” by Felix Gillette. Posted Feb. 10, 2006.