The Movie Club

Make It Not So

Yo, Armond,

You really dislike Jonathan Glazer, director of Birth and Sexy Beast, don’t you? You called him Jonathan Fraker—which sounds kinda like Jonathan Frakes, better known as Riker (aka “No. 1”) on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the director of, among other films, the lumpy but agreeable Borgathon Star Trek: First Contact. Thanks to Minneapolis Star Tribune critic Colin Covert for pointing this out and sparing us the wrath of Khan and/or thousands of Trekkies.


P.S.:Oh, and Armond: John E. Freeland writes to point out that your declaration that “Any class of journalist (or wannabe film critics in the Voice poll) who can contribute matchsticks to erect an edifice saluting Richard Linklater is unworthy of the art form that produced Griffith, Welles, Godard, Kael, and Sarris” overlooks the fact that Sarris named Before Sunset the best movie of the year. So by your lights, even Sarris is unworthy of the medium that produced him!