Wall Street Self-defense

The Complete Guide to Wall Street Self-Defense

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The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 1: What you won’t learn from your broker. Posted July 20, 2004

The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 2: How Long Is “The Long Run”? Stocks are a great investment—if you can wait 30 years. Posted July 21, 2004

The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 3: Your Real Projected Returns … after fees, costs, taxes, and inflation. Posted July 22, 2004


The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 4: What financial advisers are good for … and what they probably aren’t. Posted July 28, 2004

Gambling on Google: Slatebids on Wall Street’s hottest IPO. Posted Aug. 2, 2004

What “Buy” Means: Relating to ratings. Posted Aug. 11, 2004


The Folly of “Cheap” and “Expensive” Stocks: You think that stock is “cheap”? Would you also like to buy this lovely bridge? Posted Aug. 19, 2004

Gambling on Google—The Thrilling Conclusion: I bet on the IPO and win. Posted Aug. 19, 2004

When They Say “Buy,” Sell: The least-bad market prediction tool. Posted Aug. 27, 2004

Smart? Skillful? Probably Just Lucky: The (vast and unappreciated) role of luck in investing. Posted Sept. 12, 2004

What Stock Analysts Are Good For: A lot—but not picking stocks. Posted Oct. 1, 2004

Why Wall Street Hates the “S” Word: The real reason there are so few “sell” recommendations. Posted Oct. 19, 2004