TV Club

Who Gets Whacked Next?

Dear guys,

Why is this Sopranos dialogue different from all other Sopranos dialogues? If you don’t know the answer, you won’t understand why I’ve got to run. Jerry S. knows. And I’m sure Mr. Capeci, who has written about such figures as Stevie “The Jew” Kaplan (see: Gambino family), as well as many other M.O.T.’s in O.C., knows as well. Well, Shargel ducked and ran, huh? Pacino? I figured Shargel could at least name someone he hasn’t represented, if there is indeed someone out there he hasn’t represented. Some Tong leader, maybe. Or a Bronx Albanian.

Michael Corleone was a great mob boss, sure, but he left his family miserable. No more miserable than Tony’s, I suppose. One thing we didn’t really talk about: Christopher’s near-death experience. It’s a testament to the filmmaking abilities of the Sopranos team that they had me believing for half-a-second that so central a character was about to expire. Of course, as Jerry S. notes, in actual mob life there’s no way Christopher lives. Paulie Walnuts, who advocated for Christopher’s murder, was the voice of the actual mob in this one.

Which brings up an obvious question for Jerry, and for Jerry S. and for anyone else, really: Who gets whacked next? I want to hear idle speculation, but with odds, next week. That’s when I’ll give you my own hunches.