The Movie Club

Here’s Your Sassy Feminist Ire!

I have to go into the office for a meeting (Sundance looms, alas), so this will be a quickie. I hope more will follow later this afternoon. First, glad to oblige, David. Since you insulted me not once, but twice, in your first dispatch, I thought it only appropriate to take, gobble, and immediately disgorge your bait. (I do love the idea the idea of a smackdown between your Patriarchal Repressive Mockery and my Sassy Feminist Ire, even if the latter sounds like a bad shampoo.) I’m not interested in getting into a fight about In the Cut, especially as I don’t think it’s a full success (though nowhere as bad as most reviewers insisted). And I do agree that it is an overwrought, porny fantasia, but, dude, I don’t see that as a bad thing—do you? I mean, so is Last Tango in Paris and any number of other male-directed movies, including the vast majority of Brian DePalma movies, good, bad, and indifferent. Meanwhile, Tony, I will address my objections to your In the Cut review (including your comments about Campion and race) later this afternoon … gotta go strategize on Sundance.