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Mel Gibon’s Jesus Project

Matthew, Mark, Riggs, and Murtaugh
Ain’t It Cool News
assesses Mel Gibson’s latest directorial effort: a film about Christ’s last 12 hours on Earth, performed in Latin and Aramaic with no subtitles. “It’ll be interesting to see how late in the process he can get before he has to break down and add subtitles. No one is going to let him release the film without.”

The New Republic Blog
The NewRepublic begins a daily Web log. The debut item chides Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for trashing his opponent, Bill McBride, during the Democratic primary, then whining that McBride’s record hadn’t been properly scrutinized.

Osama Is Evil. We Regret the Error.
Andrew Sullivan sniffs out an “embarrassing Osama-bin-Laden-is-harmless” story penned before last year’s terror attacks. The writer: Loren Jenkins, now a senior editor for foreign news at National Public Radio.