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Peacenik Lit

The Fog of Peace
The Weekly Standard’s David Brooks surveys anti-war literature. He finds “academic and literary intellectuals who have so devoted themselves to questioning meanings, deconstructing texts, decoding signifiers, and unmasking perspectives, they can’t even make an argument anymore.”

Opinion Journal’s James Taranto takes apart Al Gore’s Iraq speech: “It appears Saddam Hussein has unleashed a new weapon of mass distraction on America, a Gore-like android so realistic it is every bit as lifeless as the real thing.” Slate’s William Saletan says the Iraq debate pits the “party of fear against the party of good will.” Timothy Noah argues that Gore’s position on Iraq hasn’t changed.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Super Bowl Pick
On ESPN.com’s Page 2, the scribe has a “strange vision” of the Miami Dolphins defeating the New Orleans Saints, 31-17.