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Good Old Boies

Fenway Park, Dump
The Chicago Tribune sent its architecture critic, Blair Kamin, to assess Beantown’s deteriorating sanctuary. The park looks like a “turn-of-the-century brick warehouse,” with dank concourses and spine-busting wooden seats. The $44 grandstand tickets are overpriced. Oh, and it’s not as good as Wrigley Field, either. But “if it’s a dump,” Kamin writes, “it’s a great dump.”

Shopping Online for Bioweapons
Wired News
says you can study the genetic blueprint of Brucella, a germ the U.S. Army used in its biowarfare program, on several Web sites. Armed with that information, a scientist says the Iraqis could make Brucella-laced weapons, too.

A Love Letter to David Boies
MusicPundit’s mash note to the Uber-lawyer: “Boies is incredibly sexy and beautiful. When I’m near him it’s like I can feel him on my skin and between my toes and I feel safe and wonderful.”