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DVD Killed the VHS Star

Digital VD
The Weekly Standard’s Matt LaBash bemoans the slow elimination of VHS titles at Blockbuster: “While Blockbuster’s DVD-worshippers like to say that it is a format for true film-lovers, it seems they care more about the content delivery systems than the content itself. If somebody buys beautiful leather-bound, gold-leaf paged editions of John Grisham and Jackie Collins novels, we do not consider them serious lovers of books.”

Weather ‘Tis Nobler in the Mind
The Washington Monthly’s Stephanie Mencimer argues that Al Gore’s environmental record will be tremendous political advantage in 2004: “Like global warming, Gore’s candidacy is huge, scary, and probably inevitable.”

“Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking.” As ZDNet put it in a review,
“Seventy years ago, during the Depression in the U.S., hobos drew signs to indicate to each other where they could get a meal. Now, across the Atlantic in London, geeks are talking about using a similar system of chalk symbols to signal where they can get a decent wireless Internet connection.”