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Where’s the Love?

Eugene Volokh on Pornography
“Across both space and time, greater tolerance for sexually explicit material has been highly correlated with greater equality for women, and greater educational, professional, and political opportunities for women,” he writes. “Throughout the world today, the regimes that are generally pretty tolerant of sexually explicit material (for instance, Europe and the U.S.) tend to also provide greater equality for women; and the regimes that are generally quite repressive of sexually explicit material (for instance, the Arab world) tend to provide far less equality for women.”

Foo Fighting Back
Britain’s NME reports on a new development in the the feud between Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, formerly of Nirvana, and Courtney Love: Grohl launched an obscenity-laced diatribe about Love at the end of his set at a massive Scottish rock festival.

Bernie Sanders: It’s About a Lot More Than Accounting
Vermont socialist and U.S. Rep. Bernie Sanders wants to use 
the current clamor for accounting reform to launch a wider-ranging critique of the evils of capitalism, he tells The Nation. “What we should be saying is that this whole debate is about a culture of corporate greed that has wrecked our communities, robbed our retirees and lowered the standards for ethical business behavior to a level that disgusts average Americans.”