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Heterosexual hypocrisy over pedophilia.

North American Woman-Boy Love Association

Keep the Tax Cut
The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes reacts to the recent calls 
by Robert Rubin, David Gergen, and Al Hunt for the repeal of Bush’s tax cut: “Could there be a worse idea? A more economically harmful idea? A more politically destructive step the president could take? I don’t think so.”

Pedophilia: ‘As Good As It Gets’
Andrew Sullivan ponders the silence among social conservatives over Tadpole, a new movie about a 15-year-old boy who beds mature women: “Here is pedophilia chic in an almost classic formulation in a movie with big stars in it, reviewed in the New Yorker. And the social conservatives are utterly mute. Do you think they would be quiet if this were a same-sex relationship?”

Manhattan Humberts, Watch It!
The New York Observer reports on a new social menace for Manhattan’s single men: “Young women barely past puberty—and before, ahem, the age of consent—are sashaying onto the Internet, researching adult life, and constructing elaborate alter egos designed to dupe men all too willing to believe their lies.”