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Crying in Baseball

Black and White and Gray All Over
Taking a cue from William Saletan, the Houston Chronicle’s Cragg Hines compares Bush’s Tuesday speech with his Monday press conference, from moving corporate ethics “out of shadows” to “sometimes things aren’t exactly black and white.”

Markets Dump Bush Stock
American Prospect 
editor Robert Kuttner writes that “The Democrats are remembering … why they don’t believe in laissez-faire and why only government can establish the basic ground rules for capitalism.”

Schilling for Commish
Arizona Diamondback Curt Schilling tells ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark his proposed solution to an All-Star Game tie after nine innings: “One, increase the rosters and just tell guys that some of them won’t play unless the game goes extra innings. Or two, play nine innings no matter what. Tell everybody from the start. And then, if it’s tied, each team picks one guy, and you decide it with a Home Run Derby. How great would THAT be?”