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Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

More Moussaoui Craziness
Stuart Buck links to “every non-sealed file or motion or order from the Moussaoui case, all handily available on the website of the Eastern District of Virginia.” Highlights include calling the judge a “SHE CLINTON” and saying, “LEONIE BRINKEMA IS WITHOUT A DOUBT PROCHOICE THE CHOICE FOR THE KILLING OF ZACARIAS MOUSSOUI.”

Signs of the Times
In the Guardian,Douglas Rushkoff says the AOL-Time Warner merger signalled the beginning of the dot-com collapse: “AOL was cashing in its casino chips. And just like the gambler who trades in his coloured plastic disks for real cash, AOL’s Steve Case understood that his run was over and that it was time to trade in his stock certificates for those of a company that had genuine assets.”

She Ain’t Necessarily So
The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last expresses sympathy for the transgendered but argues that they should not be granted the right to change their sex on their birth certificate, nor should they force others to refer to them by certain pronouns: “More than acceptance, more than justice, more than anything else, transgenders want to control an official, plastic version of the truth. They want to believe a reality that doesn’t exist, which is acceptable. But they want to compel others to believe, which isn’t.”