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Kaustian Bargain?

Kausfiles Sells Out
Glenn Reynolds reports that Mickey Kaus “has inked an awe-inspiring and deeply lucrative deal with Slate to take his blog ‘indoors.’ ” Mickey’s justification: “There are only so many glamorous blogger parties you can attend before you ask yourself, ‘Is this all there is?” What about – I’d ask this to myself when I was alone, in the middle of the night – what about making some money and using it to buy consumer goods?”

Are You Being Served?
The Guardian sends writers to bookstores to test the staffs’ literary knowledge. One exchange over James Joyce’s Ulysses: “I point to the word ‘jawbo’ on page 330. ‘That’s not a word,’ I say. ‘Mmmm,’ he says. ‘It’s rare that publishers make a mistake like that.’ “

The Second Amendment
Self-described “media slut” Eugene Volokh links to his argument for the individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment and the Brady Campaign’s argument for the states’ rights interpretation.