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Raising McCain

McCain Runneth Over
The McCain-as-a-Democrat boomlet continues.  Mickey Kaus thinks he will run for president but that it may make more sense for him to run as an independent. John Ellis  (in items titled “McCainiac” and “McCain for President”) agrees, arguing that McCain will run “as the ‘not crazy’ Ross Perot.” Glenn Reynolds is skeptical. MSNBC’s Tom Curry says McCain-as-a-Democrat is loony because he’s too conservative to win in a Democratic primary. But Josh Marshall counters that “the reason McCain would choose to run as a Democrat rather than an Independent would simply be that he is interested in winning.”

Mary Cheney Comes Out—As a Republican
Andrew Sullivan reports that the vice president’s daughter has joined the board of the Republican Unity Coalition, “a new group in the Republican Party, designed to advance the inclusion of openly gay men and women in the party’s ranks and leadership.”

The Socialism of American Sports
Libertarian blogger Steve Kuhn says that “cartels and other collusive argreements (such as the NFL draft) are wrong even when they harm wealthy people.”