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Wages of Relativism
Responding to a National Review cover story on pedophile priests, a Catholic priest says many in the media want to “single out the clergy and use them as a brick bat to bring Catholics into submission so that we will not oppose abortion and the destruction of the family.” Rod Dreher, the author of the cover story, responds here: “How many cases of shuffling pederast priests from parish to parish will have to come out before Fr. Groeschel and others acknowledge that bishops have been grossly negligent?”

’Wild Party Girls’ Video Maker Must Pay Student $5 Million
She took off her shirt at a bar in Mexico and ended up on TV ads on the E! cable network.

ABC in Talks To Lure Letterman
Howard Kurtz reports that ABC is conducting “serious negotiations” with David Letterman to bring him to the network’s 11:30 p.m. ET time slotTed Koppel’s Nightline would be killed or relocated.