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Scientologists vs. Google, Part Deux

Dumbing Down the SAT
Stanley Kurtz says the College Board’s decision to turn the SAT “from an aptitude test into something much closer to an achievement test” will hurt disadvantaged students: “An aptitude test actually works in favor of students who come from lesser high schools but have the potential to achieve at higher levels in college.”

Choosing Celibacy
James Martin, a Jesuit priest and the editor of America, defends the Catholic tradition of celibate priests: “Celibacy is, in short, about loving others. Those who opt for celibacy (or to use religious terminology, those who feel ‘called’ to embrace it) choose it as a manner of loving many people deeply, in a way that they would be unable to if they were in a single relationship.”

Church vs. Google, Round 2
Despite Google’s decision to restore some Web pages critical of Scientology to its search engine, John Hiler says the Church of Scientology is still using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to censor its critics.