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Killing Kristof

Thursday’s Picks
CNNSI.com’s Larry Smith forecasts NCAA tournament victories by Duke, Kent State, UCLA, and Oklahoma in tonight’s Sweet 16 games. He also unearths this astonishing statistic about Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski: “Of the 13 NCAA tournament games Duke has lost under Krzyzewski, nine have been to teams that advanced to the title game and seven of those schools won it all.”

The Bias Against Handguns
Cathy Young says New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof exaggerates the link between handgun ownership and homicide: In the U.S., “nongun homicide rates exceed total homicide rates in many nations.”

Enron Math at the American Prospect
Josh Marshall examines the Prospect’s “shamelessly dishonest or pitifully ill-informed” analysis of Enron’s political donations to Joe Lieberman.