Snowballs in Hell

Home Fries
Directed by Dean Parisot
Warner Bros.

A Simple Plan
Directed by Sam Raimi
Paramount Pictures

Central Station
Directed by Walter Salles
Sony Pictures Classics
Snowballs in Hell
Three winter horror shows.

By David Edelstein
(posted Saturday, Dec. 5, 1998)

Links Check out the official site for Home Fries, read about Drew’s troubled past, or learn Drew trivia on the Drew Barrymore’s Utopian Paradise Web site. (She was told by Dennis Miller she needed a spanking, used to talk to and eat lunch with E.T.’s actorless body, can’t get her eyebrows to grow back properly, compares her hair to hay that’s been barfed up by an animal, etc.) Here is the official site for A Simple Plan, and here is a gallery of gruesome photos from director Raimi’s first film, The Evil Dead. The official Central Station site has photos, a synopsis, and video clips. Finally, click here for more Slate film reviews. David Edelstein is Slate’s movie critic.

Still from: Home Fries by Deana Newcomb © 1998 Warner Bros.; A Simple Plan © 1998 Paramount Pictures; Central Station by Walter Carvalho © 1998 Sony Pictures Classics.