Her Waltz

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“This is my dream. I’m dancing!

(Do you know how to dance? Do you

like to dance?) Waltzing

it’s like electricity.

It hurts when I walk. So I pick up a chair,

and I start to waltz.

I look in the mirror and there I am,

dancing with a chair!

I say to the mirror: ‘I’m not so old.’

But the mirror says: ‘Yes you are.

You’re old. You’re nearly

ninety years old. What are you doing

waltzing around with a chair?’

Now isn’t that silly? An old lady.

This is my dream: I see myself in the mirror

waltzing with a chair.

And that’s the end of my dream.

I once knew how to dance. I

once knew how to waltz.

And now I shall bid you goodnight.”