10 Questions About the New Ohio License Plate

Ohio license plate featuring a field of wheat; a banner that says "Birthplace of Aviation" being pushed, not pulled, by an old plane; and the word OHIO where the license plate number would be
Ohio DMV

On Thursday, Ohio unveiled a new license plate, challenging North Carolinians and inspiring a few questions from this online magazine:

Didn’t the Wright brothers make their first flight in North Carolina?

Was this design derived from a composite of 200 fake IDs collected at a Columbus-area Buffalo Wild Wings?

Is this butter salted or unsalted?

How did you manage to get the Grim Reaper to visit the Buckeye State at such a busy time?


How am I supposed to fit this thing on my truck?

Does the second, yellow sun represent the looming threat of climate change?

Did you know that Ohio is the birthplace of seven U.S. presidents, more than any state but Virginia, and also a recent and historic peace treaty in the Dayton Accords, but this license plate might as well be from Indiana?

Did you know that Ohio farmers plant more than 10 times more corn and soy, by dollar value, than wheat?

How will the police know who is who if all the plates say OHIO?

How many license plates were produced with the plane pushing, rather than pulling, the banner?

We have not reached out to the Ohio Department of Public Safety for comment.