What’s Your Signature New York City Mayoral Project?

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New York City collage featuring Eric Adams, Maya Wiley, Andrew Yang, construction workers, a duck, a vaccine, a brownstone, dice, a Wi-Fi symbol, and an island, all in bubbles on a background of city high-rises
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images, Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for the New York Women’s Foundation, Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images, Comstock Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus, kovop58/iStock/Getty Images Plus, Kneonlight/iStock/Getty Images Plus, Auseklis/iStock/Getty Images Plus, Rawf8/iStock/Getty Images Plus, carlopops/iStock/Getty Images Plus, vitalik19111992/iStock/Getty Images Plus, and Lisainy/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

With Donald Trump safely away in Florida, a weary nation turns its eyes toward the next blockbuster political spectacle, the race for America’s most thankless dead-end job: mayor of New York City. The field is huge, the contest wide-open. If you want to throw your hat in the Tweed ring, too, you’ll need a signature idea, such as a Wi-Fi-enabled storm surge barrier at La Guardia Airport, a worker-owned coworking space in SoHo, or the Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo bitcoin-mining facility in Staten Island.


You don’t actually have to build this if elected—the city’s history is littered with such scuttled plans—but you do have to create a convincing impression that you will make no little plans. So far, Andrew Yang is the clear front-runner here, with visions of a public bank, universal basic income, and a casino on Governors Island.


But what will Yang say when you unveil your big initiative?

Find your signature New York City mayoral campaign promise with our handy chart.

Find the first letter of your first name
A: Worker-owned
B: World’s largest
C: Privatized
D: Carbon-neutral
E: Instagram-ready
F: Thomas Heatherwick–designed
G: Mixed-income
H: Union-built
I: Brutalist
J: Elon Musk–engineered
K: LEED Platinum
L: Wi-Fi-enabled
M: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
N: DSR-designed
O: Underwater
P: Live-work-play
Q: Beaux-Arts
R: Crowdfunded
S: Fully automated
T: Bird-friendly
U: Biodegradable
V: Congestion tax–funded
W: Farm-to-table
X: Jeanne Gang–designed
Y: Zero-emission
Z: Bjarke Ingels–designed


Find the first letter of your last name:
A: Subway extension
B: Ferris wheel
C: Homeless shelter
D: Casino
E: Wind farm
F: Observation deck
G: Streetcar
H: Amazon distribution center
I: MLS stadium
J: Food hall
K: Compost heap
L: College of Pizza Science
M: Bitcoin-mining facility
N: Bus terminal
O: Oyster farm
P: Rats-to-energy conversion plant
Q: COVID vaccine megaclinic
R: Coworking space
S: Storm surge barrier
T: Museum of Trash
U: Kayak share
V: Trump Presidential Library
W: Parking garage
X: Bike lane
Y: Mandarin duck preserve
Z: Corn maze

Find the month of your birth
January: Governors Island
February: Hudson Yards
March: Coney Island
April: Flushing Meadows Corona Park
May: Green-Wood Cemetery
June: The South Bronx
July: Jackson Heights
August: SoHo
September: Brownstone Brooklyn
October: Staten Island
November: The Rockaways
December: LaGuardia Airport

If elected, I promise New Yorkers a union-built streetcar at LaGuardia Airport. How about you?