From Economics Professor to Fitness Instructor

Meet Mary Stevenson, who pivoted from the invisible hand to jazz hands.

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In a special five-episode mini-season of Working, we talk with people who have had “second acts”—that is people who made a dramatic career pivot at some point in their working lives.

If it weren’t for a shoulder injury, Mary Stevenson’s retirement may have looked completely different. After benefiting from classes in the Nia Technique, she decided to teach the fitness method—along with Zumba Gold and Ageless Grace—to older adults when she left the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where she taught economics for 40 years.

Stevenson talks about the challenges and rewards of making a career switch in her mid-60s.*

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Correction, March 26, 2019: This showpage originally misstated the age at which Stevenson made her career switch. She was in her mid-60s, not her late 50s, when she did so.