How Does a Greeting-Card Writer Do His Job?

Meet Greg Vovos, a senior writer at American Greetings.

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When you look at the rows of greeting cards at your local pharmacy or megastore, it’s easy to forget that each one of those cards was actually written by someone. And, if they’re anything like our guest, that person put some very real emotion into writing the sentiment inside.

For this holiday bonus episode, Jordan speaks to Greg Vovos, who is a senior writer at American Greetings and is exactly the kind of person you want writing for you. Greg truly believes in the power of giving a card to someone. Whether they’re funny or sympathetic or romantic, Greg writes his cards to foster a connection between giver and receiver. Greg tells Jordan about where he gets his inspiration, the challenges of staying fresh, and why you really shouldn’t be cynical about a store-bought card.

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