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The More Like Canada Edition

Slate Money talks about all the ramifications of this week’s midterm elections, Maxine Waters and big banks, Puerto Rico, minimum wage, and cannabis.

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On this week’s episode, Emily Peck, Felix Salmon, and Anna Szymanski discuss:

• Axios: “Coming Soon: Democrats vs Deutsche Bank
• CNN Business: “The Two-Year Wells Fargo Horror Story Just Won’t End
• Vox: “Voters Just Gave Nearly 1 Million Workers a Raise in 2 Red States
• NPR: “Voters Relax Marijuana Laws in 3 More States: Michigan, Utah, Missouri
• The New York Times: “Iran Sanctions Explained: U.S. Goals, and the View From Tehran
• The Wall Street Journal: “Under Armour’s #MeToo Moment: No More Strip Clubs on Company Dime

In the Slate Plus segment: Under Armour’s new no–strip club policy.

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