How Does a Museum Collection Specialist Do His Job?

Meet Paul Galloway. You’ve probably never heard of his job. But without him, MoMA’s architecture and design department would cease to function.

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This season, Working takes you inside one of the world’s most respected and beloved museums, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

In the new season of Working, host Jordan Weissmann is going inside New York City’s storied Museum of Modern Art to meet the people who keep one of the world’s great artistic institutions running. Paul Galloway is MoMA’s collection specialist for the department of design and architecture. To explain what he does … well, it takes about the length of this episode to do it justice. But think of him as the department’s central nervous system, the logistics guy who keeps it working smoothly. Which means his duties range from researching emoji to sweet talking lawyers, to holding up the line at Ben and Jerry’s trying to pick out the perfect ice cream cone to store in the museum’s collection.

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