How Does a Dispensary Compliance Specialist Do Her Job?

The legal weed business has a million rules and regulations. Here’s what it’s like to be the person in charge of dealing with them.

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As it turns out, doing business in an industry that only recently became (semi)legal involves a lot of red tape—and messing up even a small bit of paperwork can be a disaster that might get a marijuana dispensary shut down or fined. That’s why compliance specialists like Katelin Edwards, of Terrapin Care Station, are some of the most important workers in the world of cannabis, even if you don’t hear much about them.

Jordan talks to Katelin about the pressure of making sure the dispensary hews to every rule and regulation, as well as her less nerve-wracking duties as community liaison, supporting local charities and showing that yes, even a “weed company” can be a positive influence on the community.

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