How Does a Dispensary Owner Do His Job?

Meet Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of Green Dragon Dispensaries.

Alex Levine, owner and co-CEO of Green Dragon.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Jordan Weissmann.

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This week, Working with Weed goes to the top of the command chain at dispensary. Jordan speaks with Alex Levine, owner and Co-CEO of a company called Green Dragon.

Green Dragon is one of the largest recreational dispensary chains in Colorado, with 12 locations statewide. They are definitely an example of what a weed company looks like in a fully legal system. Forget the image you have of stoners goofing off and getting high on the job: Green Dragon runs on corporate efficiency and straight up professionalism. Alex talks about how he got into the marijuana business, what he does to set their operation apart, and just how much the legal marijuana world has changed since starting the company and having to operate all in cash.

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